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Dead Sea Mud & Salt Polish
Rinse Bath Body Inc

Dead Sea Mud & Salt Polish

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The body polish will exfoliate your skin with grains of sea salt & leave behind a rich, almost body butter, type of moisturizer (not oily, greasy).

Scent: Spearmint Lavender - A spa blend of 100% natural Lavender & Spearmint Essential OIls.

What makes it so different...
First, our Body Polish is a solid so you don't have to dip your hand through a vat of oil to get to the good scrubby part. And because it's a solid, you'll use every bit of product - you won't have a layer of oil leftover.

Second, a little goes a LONG way. We tell you this now, but you won't believe us. You'll use more than you should the first time but then you'll understand.

Third, the oils & butters in the Body Polish will melt leaving you with a nice rich moisturizer for your freshly exfoliated skin. You won't be dried out.

To Use: Take a small dollop (a dime-size for the hands) & exfoliate the skin. Vary your pressure depending on how much exfoliation you need. Add a little bit of water to the skin (just a little, we are a 2-step rinse kind of people) & scrub some more. Rinse away any excess granules that are left. Pat dry. Repeat once a week or when needed.

Made with a blend of Organic Dead Sea Salt, Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil along with a 100% natural Essential Oil blend.

100% Naturally Derived Ingredienst, Vegan Friendly, Gluten Free 4 oz. jar

Please use caution, this product can cause surface to become slippery.