About My Serenity

Welcome to My Serenity!

My Serenity is a curated experience where products from all over the USA will be sold to not only promote supporting jobs in America but also to ensure quality control. The products that have been sourced are sure to be made in an ethical way so that we not only promote good health but sustainability for our earths health. The My Serenity collection was designed to give customers natural ingredients and materials while still being affordable. The aim is to help consumers chose to "DO BETTER"  by allowing our customers options. By supporting my serenity you are supporting not only us but tons of other Americans who have worked so hard to provide products that are unique, technological advance in their production methods and clean ! 

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about My Serenity and we are excited to keep growing with our customers and vendors as we learn to create our own serenities through the experiences and products we put into our lives!